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Investor Insights October 2020

October 2020

  • Driving disruptive innovation in the ATMP field

    K Papenfuss
    Kerstin Papenfuss
    Associate Director, Therapeutics at Deep Science Ventures
    Kerstin Papenfuss started her PhD at German Cancer Research Centre and then moved to a lab at Imperial College London to work on novel treatment options within the field of tumor immunology. After a Post Doc in academic drug discovery, she since has spent almost ten years in leadership roles at impact-driven organizations advancing medicine and therapeutics, while also securing an executive MBA and a Women in Business award. Before joining DSV to develop science companies designing more effective therapies, Kerstin was transforming ideas for cutting edge cell and gene therapies into investable propositions at UK’s Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult.
    6 October 2020
  • Boldly de-risking development of impactful cell and gene therapies: the California Stem Cell Agency’s $3B funding model

    S Patel,
    Shyam Patel
    Associate Director, Portfolio Development & Review at California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
    S Talib,
    Sohel Talib
    Director, Therapeutics at California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
    M Millan
    Maria Millan
    Vice President, Therapeutics at California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
    5 October 2020

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